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Rennsteig – Always a good connection

Always a good connection – since 1959, RENNSTEIG has been making the professional tools for the job, from the idea to series production.

With innovation, care and commitment, we meet the needs of customers in many industries professionally and inventively. In doing so, we have become one of the world‘s leading tool makers in our fields.

RENNSTEIG – a fast-growing medium-sized company in the heart of Germany. Our headquarters is located in Thuringia, a region with a centuries-old tradition of toolmaking. Over 300 people are at work here and at our US subsidiary RENNSTEIG Tools, Inc. Since 1991 RENNSTEIG has been an independent subsidiary of the well-known tool maker KNIPEX-WERK C. Gustav Putsch KG in Wuppertal, Germany.


? Knippen
kabelknippers tot 20mm
miniatuur knipper/stripper
kabelscharen > 20mm
Kniptang voor bundelbanden
? Strippen
Automatische stripper en knipper
Isolatie stripper
Microstrip PTFE kabel
Kabel ontmantelaar
Coax stripper
? Krimpen
krimpen: Adereindhulzen
krimpen: Kabelverbinders geisoleerd
krimpen: Kabelverbinder ongeisoleerd
krimpen: Vlaksteker
? Power krimpen
E-PEW12 voor krimpinzetstuk
HC20 voor 4/8 indent krimp
Krimpmachine CM25
Krimpmachine CM25-3 4/8 indent
? Krimpen - 4/8 indent
DigiCrimp Industrie contacten
MicroCrimp Industrie contacten
Locator Industrie contacten
DigiCrimp SAE-EN contacten
? Solar
? Glasvezel kabel
Knippen Strippen van POF
Krimpen van POF contacten
Kevlar schaar
MicroStripper Glasvezel
? Accessoires
Insertion & Extraction tools
Unlocking tool Flat Connector
Draadopzetter LSA+
Krimphoogte meter
Terminal cut-off tool
? Specials