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RETEX iRX-CM In-Line (Main Power)

Retrospective Local and Remote Current monitoring for your existing racks infrastructure. Upgrade your existing basic PDU with all the advantages of the Remote Current monitoring.

- Remote current monitoring (Amps):
  Prevent down-time with early notification of current threshold breach
- Local current monitoring - digital display:
  Instantaneous feedback ideal for moves, adds and changes
- SNMP traps and alarms:
  Integration into SNMP system for remote notification
- User-friendly GUI interface:
  Quickly locate pertinent information
- IP address reset button:
  Ease of reconfiguration upon move or loss of IP address
- Accessible via any web browser:
  Easy installation & maintenance - No external software

- Volts RMS: 80-280 VAC
- Amps RMS: 0-32A
- Ethernet Port
- Power on indicator
- Built in scrolling Digital Display
- Protocols: HTTP/DHCP, TCP/IP, NTP, Telnet
- Data formats: HTML, SNMP, XML

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